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DJ Knowledge of music!

By: DJ E

Knowledge is power. That is so true in every walk of life.The more you know the better off you are ..or so they say. Of course you can know a lot of trivia /details about The Big Bang Theory TV show and that might only be helpful on game night at the pub. Knowledge you can apply to your work/passion is what am talkin about.

How much does your DJ know musically? Is he well vested in all genres or categories of music. Does he know what Alternative is as opposed to Alternative Rock/ How about Lo-Fi ,Avant -Garde,Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Downtempo, Old School Rap, Bop, K-Pop or Neo-Soul ? Now you don’t have to be deeply versed in all genres but you should have a passing awareness of a few bands or songs you can use if asked for some.

You will not have to use a deep set of different music at Weddings or Mitzvahs but events are becoming much more specialized to reflect individuals taste/vibe that they want for their event. They can give you a few examples but you will have to choose what will work out of those genres.

Also the most popular in a given genre might not be the songs that will work at a event.You have to choose the right ones..just because its #3 on the top ten doesn’t mean you can use it at a event. Your DJ doesn’t have to be a walking encyclopedia of music but he should be well rounded in many genres and continually expanding their Platte so know most of the current songs because they change weekly.

Also when that one person asks for” that song with the chick signer with lots of guitar” your DJ might be able to go..”i know exactly what that is ,its coming up soon.”


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